Discussion questions: part iv
The requirement for the questions goes as followed:
APA format
o Double space, Times New Roman, 12pt. font
o Dont include a title or abstract page
Half a page minimum length for each question
Do not include the questions in your responses
Do not use outside resources or direct quotes
o Paraphrase using appropriate citations
o Please use your book for direction on answering the questions
o Failure to adhere to the directions will result in a failing grade
Start each question on a new page
Make sure to number each question
Please answer the following questions:
1. What strategies in policing seem to be effective with crime prevention why?
Based upon those strategies, how do you see policing 20 years from now?
2. Why is rehabilitation in prison important? Furthermore, what programs or
strategies seem hopeful?
3. Based upon your readings, what specific strategies or practices can we deploy to
help released prisoners avoid reoffending? Name three.


crime prevention and rehabilitation