Criminal Justice

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Roberg, Roy, Novak, Kenneth, Cordner, Gary, & Smith, Brad.Police & Society.5th Edition.
Oxford University Press. References to this book will be by “Chapters.”

Kappeler, Victor E. (2006). The Police & Society: Touchstone Readings. 3rd Edition.
Waveland Press. References to this book will be by “Articles.”
The rest of the paper will then offer a reflection on the material. This can be presented in a number of different ways. Do the authors convey theories that you agree with or contest? Are they making assumptions about policing that raises questions about their assertions? As many of you may be police officers, does something in the material stand out for you, both as entirely accurate and on the mark or something so far off base as to be ludicrous? When the authors convey research, do you agree with their findings or would you challenge them? How? Is there some other means of conducting their research? Is there something they missed? What type of connections did you find in the readings? What kind of contradictions? I will stop there. These are the type of “reflections on the material” the latter part (and more important part) of your paper should address.

Remember, though, you must cover all or nearly all of the readings by synthesizing what you read. Please do not exceed the 5 page limit. Brevity is golden.

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Criminal Justice