Crowdsourcing and Risk Management
Literature review :
The literature review needs to critically review the crowdsourcing literature: clearly identify he underpinning theory.
– break into
– put ? into intro
-1/2 into theory -> crowdsourcing

– add a crtitical review of the theory of crowdsourcing and risk, from witch the research aim and question is cleary derived

– increased focus on basis of Antikainen?s work of motivation of crowda and communities

Methodology -> Simplify

This chapter needs to be streamlined to improve clarity.
Irrelevant discussions need ot be removed.

– increased discussion of validity and ways data was collected and analysed
– cleary show how the research questions operationalized
– mapping of research questions against methods used

Analysis -> restructure -> Flow

Restructure to improve logic and flow: the structure of the analysis should relate to the stated research objectives. The analysis must clearly state the implications and contribution of each result.

– Link to specific research questions + analyse + clearly indentify contribution
– Clarify the nature of ?clustering? and how research relates to litertaure, including how contributions have been made ( i.e. table 10 )
– make it a focus : – advance

cleary identify contribution to each Research Question

integrate Discussion and Conclusion chapter

This chapter should include a clear table of the study?s research questions, implications and conclusions.

have a clear section evaluating
– contribution of the thesis
– limitations
– future work
– concluding
General Work requested :

– Proof Reading + referencing
– formatting ( 12pt + double spacing )
– consistant heading and sub-headings
– Abtract re-formatting to fit updated thesis



Crowdsourcing and Risk Management