Cultural theory


“Cultural Studies approaches key aspects of culture using specific theoretical tools. Select a theory that has been discussed in this course and show how it can be applied to a specific piece of contemporary culture (a specific image or text) to help provide a particular understanding for a particular audience.”

In answering this question, you will need to identify

– At least one cultural studies theories explored in the course, including how they are defined by the author of the lecture/textbook chapter, and why they have been defined in this way in terms of context and the other scholarship they draw on.

– The process whereby the textbook author/lecturer has defined these theories and then applied them to a ‘real world’ example, including your analysis of why you think they have used this theory to explain this cultural practice/practitioner.

– You will need to identify what type of audience you think is responding to this image or text (ie: are you talking about a contemporary Australian audience? A historical case study? What political/social/cultural expectations come into play for this audience?)

Once you have done this, you may:

– be able to make a critically informed comment about how you think this has helped the reader understand (has this ‘theory’ and this ‘example’ been an easy fit? What was the context of its original application? Would it be different in a different context?)


Cultural theory