Current Event Research

Annotated Bibliography
II. Title: Please provide a clear and descriptive title
• Provide the bibliographic information of the article
III. Research Paper with Proper Citations
Introduce your research topic and explain why it is important. Using your research provide a clear and well-organized history of the event, architecture, urban issue, or building cultural question you have chosen to investigate. Avoid personal language (I feel, I think, etc.). Cite all souces properly, you can use endnotes or footnotes, please inline notes (Author, Date).

Properly Label Images you have discovered by this point. These should have a short description and must also include Source Citations. These can be placed in the text or at the end. Make sure you refer to them in the text where they are relevant(Image 1, or Figure 1).

Submission Guidelines:
1. Please submit Assignment 2 as a pdf file in the “2 Assignment” folder on Blackboard, under assignments tab.
2. Use the following file name: 2-Lastname.pdf. For example, 1-Haughey.pdf.

Grading Criteria:
You will be graded on: ability to follow the above instructions. File names, format, length, must conform to the instructions. Spelling, grammar, and organization (is it clear and easy to read?), judgment, correct use of citations, and thoughtfulness in your approach to the source materials and project proposal will al factor into your grade. Please remember to label images.

Acceptable Source Materials (found online or in hard copy):

Scholarly Journal Article (USE JSTOR for scholarly journals).
News articles (LexusNexus database is good for these)
Cases, Laws and Articles can be also be located though Lexus Nexus.
Book or Book Chapter (written by an expert, not a popular author); books without source materials, notes, or a bibliographies, are NOT acceptable.
An Official Report or Document
Original Archival materials: Georgia Historical Society is an excellent place to get Savannah materials.
You may NOT use your textbook or lectures or basic GOOGLE search or WIKIPEDIA.

Research Suggestions: “Check your sources”

The BEST way to find good materials quickly is to be focused, and experiment with your search criteria. Another excellent way to locate good materials is to read several items generally associated with your topic. Next locate the notes or the bibliography where the specific material in the general book were discovered; then go find that article or book. Digging down into a more generic text to locate where the author found his or her materials can lead you to where you want to go. In other words, you should look at the Bibliography or Notes of the first Books and Articles you come across



Current Event Research