Curriculum Analysis Project

1- Chapter 3 to chapter 8 from the book we use (Designing The School Curriculum by Peter S. Helbowitsh); chapters 3 and are the most important chapters to do the analysis.

2- The instructions; I need the writer to do the second part only, which is the designing part.

3- The curriculum that needs to be analysed.

4- The rubric to check all the requirements.

The Chapters’ Links

Chapters 3 and 4
Chapter 5 to 8

In groups or partners, students will select a curriculum document from a school district or a state/national organization. Analyze the document for underlying philosophy, designformat (structure, clarity, usability); which is my writer will do, and content (accuracy of content, relevance, and coverage of standards and learning objectives). The analysis will be accompanied by a 5-7 page review of the document.

Curriculum Analysis Project
This is not a rubric. This document is meant to be a helpful guide/resource for you to use as you complete this assignment. The rubric for this assignment is a separate document and the guidelines in the syllabus should still be considered. Please also note that this is not a complete list – do not limit yourself to only these questions and do not answer all of them if they are not appropriate to your analysis!
Below are questions you may want to consider as you are evaluating the curriculum document for philosophy, design (including format, clarity, and usability), and content (including accuracy of content, relevance of content, and coverage of standards).
• What philosophies of education does this curriculum support and/or communicate? How?
• What underlying philosophies or ideas are supported or communicated by this curriculum?
• What philosophies (if any) does this curriculum not support?
• Is the support or lack of support discussed above explicit or implicit? What examples do you have to support your statements?
• What type of school or school mission would be the best fit for this curriculum?

Curriculum Design( This Is Only My Part)
• What is the overall organization of the curriculum (i.e. spiral, usable over many years, increasing knowledge base, building on information)?
• Does the design format make sense in the context of the curriculum and student level?
• Are the curriculum and its materials teacher-friendly (and/or user-friendly)? Is the teacher guide easy to read and use? Are supplementary materials required to use the curriculum?
• Are teacher instructions and student materials clear in terms of goals, content, and directions?
• Can multiple means of assessment be integrated with instruction?

• Is the content developmentally appropriate?
• Is the content accurate?
• Does the content cover appropriate standards and learning objectives? Are these stated clearly?
• Are the materials appropriately aligned to the ages you are targeting (look at typefaces, pictures, sidebars, etc.)?
• Do the materials present a logical sequence of related activities that will help students build conceptual understanding through multiple learning opportunities?
• Are the materials, instructional strategies, and assessments bias free and do they promote equity?
• Do the materials stimulate students’ interest and relate to their daily lives? Do they actively engage the students in meaningful learning?




Curriculum Analysis Project