Debris Removal Considerations
Suppose a massive flood has caused large amounts of debris to block relief vehicles from reaching affected households in a community. In order for disaster relief to reach these victims, emergency managers must first coordinate debris removal to allow for delivery of relief aid. Coordinating and considering the types of debris removal is not an easy feat. For example, many emergency managers are required to estimate debris amounts before a disaster strikes. In order to facilitate debris removal, emergency management officials must have standing agreements with local cleanup crews, sanitation professionals, and other organizations that will execute the debris removal efforts

For this Assignment, consider the development of debris estimates and the challenges faced during debris removal efforts. Then consider key stages of the debris management process. Finally, using the natural disaster that you selected for your Final Project, submit a paper on the following:

Describe the types of debris that might be generated by your disaster.
Explain how the amount of debris might be estimated.
Explain any safety concerns that will need to be addressed.
Describe the steps for the removal of debris related to your disaster.
Explain how this process will be executed in your community.

Area Selected Evergreen Colorado
Disaster type Flash Flood




Debris Removal Considerations