Destination Management

Assignment Task:

1. Select a city from anywhere in the world to use as a case study for this assessment. The destination you choose MUST be a city (e.g., Brisbane), NOT a region (Southeast Queensland), and NOT a country (Australia).

2. Briefly describe the emergence of destination development and why it is considered an expression of sustainable/responsible tourism development. (Approx. 200 words).

3. Each week in the lectures you should consider the concepts that you are presented with and relate how these theories apply to the destination you have chosen for your assignment. You should not describe these theories, concepts, or approaches to destination management, but rather, explain how these relate to the destination you have chosen as your case study. As a guide you should use the following headings to structure your assignment:

a. Stage of development
b. Approach to destination management
c. System of governance
d. Research undertakings/application of research
e. Tourism Policy & Planning
f. Stakeholders
g. Forms of Tourism
h. Application of sustainability indicators (social, economic, & environmental)
i. Competition and collaboration
j. Destination Marketing
k. Tourism Trends

This is a critical thinking task and is where you must demonstrate your ability to apply theories, concepts, and approaches to destination development to a real world setting. (Approx. 2200 words)
4. Reflecting on what you addressed in the tasks above, summarise the potential (opportunities) for tourism to deliver sustainable/responsible destination development and, in line with global trends, identify constraints that will present the greatest challenges in realising the ideals of sustainability. What processes would you suggest to best overcome these challenges, and why? (

10. The 3000 word limit applies from the beginning of your introduction to the end of your conclusion / summary (i.e., citations, reference list, and appendices are not included in the word count). Assignments must be within ? 10% of the word limit (generally speaking, each one and a half spaced page will contain around 200 – 350 words)

11. THE DEMANDS OF THE TOPIC MEAN THAT YOU MUST EXPAND YOUR READING BEYOND THE PRESCRIBED TEXT and access current tourism development strategies for the destination of your choice. It is essential that you draw on theory in order to develop ‘real world’ tourism development options that are sustainable and responsible.

12. Start your RESEARCH EARLY – don’t leave it to the last minute (books will have been “picked over” and you will not have left enough time to digest and synthesise the material for your assignment). All writing improves with a number of drafts. Aim to finish well before the due date so that you can “polish” your assignment with “fresh eyes”.



Destination Management