As an early childhood educator, you have always prided yourself on strong partnerships with families in your program. Your newest child’s family has been more of a struggle for you. This family has many special requests and is very concerned about their child’s safety in your program. You have not encountered this before, as all your families are usually in tune with your program’s practices. You take a few moments to reflect on your interactions with your previous families and what helped those relationships develop respectfully and reciprocally.

To help in your reflection, watch the following video about respectful partnerships.

Video – Developing Respectful Partnerships (9:32)
Reflect on the actions suggested to early childhood educators to build respectful and reciprocal relationships with parents and families.

In your initial post, respond to the following:

Describe the characteristics you identified (from the video) of respectful and reciprocal relationships with parents and families.
Share three action steps (from the video) you, as an early childhood professional, plan to implement to build, foster, and nurture respectful and reciprocal relationships with families.


Developing Respectful Relationships