Developmental Network Questionnaire Paper
Instructions for Paper:
Complete the Developmental Network Questionnaire and write a paper in the format specified below:
• Write a 13pages paperthat addresses the issues listed on the next page.
o What will impress me is a paper featuring:a detailed analysis of your circumstances based on the metrics featured in the Questionnaire; thoughtful insights into the strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your developmental network; a reflection regarding what you should do in the near future involving sound arguments based on a compelling logic; concise writing style; correct spelling and grammar.


Issues and Questions
1. Provide a synopsis of your developmental network(ca. 3-4 pages).
In your answer, make sure to:
a) include relevant background information; and
b)refer to metrics from the Questionnaire relevant to your circumstances.
2. Conduct a SWOT analysis (i.e., Strength, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities) of your developmental network(ca. 4-5 pages).
When formulating your answer, consider the issues mentioned in the last section of the Questionnaire handout titled “Examining Your Developmental Network”. Identify those that are relevant to your circumstances and elaborate on those by explaining their relevance and current/likely impact.
3. Reflect on what you should do in the near future(ca. 3-4 pages).
Based on your analyses, what actions should you take in the next 3-6 months? Please be as specific as possible – consider using an Action Plan template (for example, the one listed under Other Useful Materials, or find one yourself).



Developmental Network Questionnaire Paper