Diabetes Management Education for a Hispanic female patient
Project description
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(3 pages) Part one:
Pretend you are trying to teach diabetes management to a 40-year old female Hispanic who has diabetes:
• What are the learning needs:
o Disease process,
o nutrition,
o and pharmacological management

• Assessment information used for identification of need:
o Use diabetes knowledge scale- read article Evaluation of Sweet temptations a fotonovela for diabetes education
• Assessment of learning needs:
o including readiness to learn: the patient is ready to learn and motivated
o ability to learn: patient reads and writes in Spanish.
o adult learning theory: Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory-visual learner

• Create a nursing diagnosis that supports the client’s learning need and a rationale for choosing this priority need
o Knowledge deficit regarding diabetes disease process and management:

• Create an evaluation tool to measure learning and progress toward goal:
o Write down a 5 questionsQuestionnaire
• Use of evidence-based practice/research to support the knowledge included in the learning experience
o Use the articles provided

(3 pages) Part two: The student will plan and implement a teaching experience with the client that includes:
• A mutually agreed upon goal that is a) person-centered, b) realistic, c) measurable
and d) includes a time frame:
Patient will demonstrate how to use the glucometer by the end of the second session
• Description of learning domain:
• cognitive domain-visual
• Description of and rationale for teaching techniques appropriate for goal and client
Needs .
• PowerPoint presentation and Fotonovela
• Description of environment, time frame, budget if applicable, and rationale for
these choices
• Endocrinology clinic at HCMC
• 2 individual sessions

• List all the interventions with rationale used in implementation of the plan:
Fotonovela: read article Evaluation of Sweet temptations a fotonovela for diabetes education
• Describe adult learning principles and how they guided the planning and
implementation phase.
• Learning by doing
• Respect for learner as decision makers
• Relevance of the content being taught
• Mutual accountability

(2 pages) Part three: The student will evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching experience. The evaluation includes:
• Data collected from the use of the evaluation tool
• Was the goal met or not and why?
• How would the client and nurse know if the learning took place?
• What barriers were encountered?
• Did your choice of methods address the learning need?
• What went well and what would you do differently next time?



Diabetes Management Education for a Hispanic female patient