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Project description
1.Review the digital storytelling resources below and respond to the following questions:
2.In your own words, what is digital storytelling?
3.Before this unit, what did you know about digital storytelling?
4.Which of the benefits outlined in the Microsoft Digital Storytelling Teaching Guide do you think would have the mose impact on student engagement and student learning? How and Why?
5.Do you agree or disagree with the 1st quote on page 3 of Digital Storytelling: Tips and Resources (click on the “Essentials” tab on the University of Houston’s website)? Explain your response.
6.Look at the ideas for digital storytelling across the curriculum (on the Digital Storytelling Resources page). Create and describe a digital storytelling assignment/project that you could incorporate in your classroom (just a brief description). The assignment/project should be specific to the grade level/subject area that you will be teaching. What would you hope to achieve with this assignment/project?

• Video presentation explaining digital storytelling.

7 Elements of Digital Storytelling
Video presentation about the seven elements of digital storytelling.

Center for Digital Storytelling
The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) is an international non-profit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
A Microsoft-sponsored page that includes a downloadable digital storytelling teaching guide.

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
The University of Houston’s website on the educational uses of storytelling. Resources include examples of digital stories, digital storytelling software, and information on the essentials of creating a digital story.

Digital Storytelling Resources for Teachers
This is a collection of resources to help educators create powerful digital stories. Explore the examples to better understand the ways people are taking the ancient art of storytelling to new and exciting levels with powerful digital tools.
This forum is based on information from your readings and the videos (if any). Please include your own experiences in your responses as appropriate.
Review the Podcasting resources and answer the following questions. Copy and paste the questions into your original posting and use a dark colored font (not black) for your responses.
1. What is a podcast? An enhanced podcast? A vodcast?
2. Visit the wiki “Podcasting in Education”. Choose one of the ideas for using podcasts and say what it is, describe a specific project that may incorporate such a podcast in your area/grade level of study. Be sure to review what other students in the class have already done. Do not duplicate. There are enough for everyone. The last item (Kidcast) has additional ideas.
3. How do you feel personally about podcasting in education? What are the pros and cons?
4. Do you think that podcasts would be beneficial to you as a student? Why or why not?
5. Go to Podomatic and create a minicast. You will need to create an account, but no download is required. There is a link to an example that I did in the resources folder. I have included a link to a page where you can search for podcast-friendly free audio and the Wiki page also has several links to free audio. You may also use clipart to search for sounds and pictures for your minicast. If you have pictures that you want to use, feel free, but remember that they must be pictures that you either took yourself, or that you have permission to reproduce or publish (no photos from Olan Mills, etc.). You can use Audacity (resources folder) to create your own audio. Post the link to your minicast here.

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Wikipedia – definition of podcasting.
Read the definition (first 3 paragraphs), and take a look at video podcasts, enhanced podcasts, and podcast novels.

Wiki – Podcasting in Education
Take a look at Ideas for Using Podcasts, Music and Sound Resources, and Podcasting in the News.

Podomatic – free podcast creation site

Free platform for recording and editing audio.

Wesley Fryer – page with links to free audio

My Minicast Example
I just created a login and used sample pictures and music from my computer.

Review the websites in the Web Design Principles Resources folder. For each of the following websites, give at least 5 design flaws.
After reviewing the video and exploring the following sites, answer the questions below:
1. What is social bookmarking?
2. What are two benefits of using social bookmarking?
3. How could you use social bookmarking as an educator and/or as a student? (Give at least two specific examples)
4. What are two concerns that you would have with using social bookmarking in the classroom?
5. Which site did you like best? Why? (Identify at least two features that appeal to you as an educator, that are unique to the site you choose)
6. Which age group does the site cater to?



digital storytelling resources