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Compare Mama Elena merciless killing to Titas killing of the quail. She justpretended that each quail had a soft-boiled egg stuck in its crop and that she wasdelivering it from this suffering, mercifully, by giving its neck a good twist. As achild she would have chosen death over those soft-boiled eggs she was made to eat (p.49-50). Birds tend to symbolize freedom, though instead the novel has lots of domestic birds like pigeons, quail, and chicken that stay close to home and are eaten. Tita and Mama Elena both routinely kill them, showing things about their personalities and farm life. Like what?

Chapter three has a romance between Gertrudis and Juan that in some ways echoes that of Tita and Pedro. Tita’s sisters can be regarded as reflections of her personality (like the voice whispering inside her that says “behave” versus the one whispering “do what you want”). Whose advice is better, considering their society and the realities of Tita’s life? Do you have a guess on how Tita and Pedro will end up?
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