1. I just recently learned about something called ‘male flight’ which is essentially the idea that certain activities, professions, or products were used by men in the past, but as soon as a few woman would get involved, men would leave because they viewed it as ‘less than’ once woman came around it. For example, men used to be cheerleaders and teachers, both of which are primarily woman in both of these. Of course, we have become a very gender neutral generation, so this is rapidly changing again to find balance between both genders, but it was fascinating to me and I thought it fit well. I am a firm believer that every person is meant to express every emotion. Most people tend to believe it’s ‘not manly’ to cry, but it is a form of release for your body to allow stuck energy to move. It is a human trait, as we all know, but it is so common to see a man crying and assume he’s “weak”. I think another good example in this same area is that therapy is for woman only. Woman get looked at as objects, but men often get looked at as robots. They must be emotionless or they are less than. I think it is important to allow boys to open up emotionally, and it is something I will be bringing along to my future kids. When we tell boys at a young age to “stop crying”, we make them numb to feeling and that in turn causes the anger men carry as they get older. We also have the idea that it is okay for men to sleep around with a bunch of women and it makes him a legend, but when a woman does it, we are quick to assume she is easy and not worthy of love because she is ‘used’.
2. I believe that today’s society is a lot more accepting of gender equality. This being said, I feel that there should not be labels for men or womens emotions and behaviors. For example, the cosmetology industry has been women-dominated for several years but nowadays, we find many male stylists that are successful. Another example, culturally, men and women are expected to act in very different ways – men being stronger and more aggressive while women are expected to be more nurturing and emotional. This specific role type was not how I was raised. Living with four girls and my dad being the only guy, we made it very known that my dad’s emotions were too valued and it was important, male or female, to express your feelings and passions rather that be to cry, or have a hobby that might be gender opposite. Also living with just one male, us girls have learned to do masculine tasks such as fixing car parts, hanging up a shelf, etc. It is important that one gender does not need to depend on the opposite gender. It is also important that genders do not have expectations on how they are supposed to live. I am accepting of all behavior and emotions and I do not gender discriminate. By treating each gender equally, we allow women and men to act and live the life they want. I greatly agree that both genders should be able to have an emotional side and have their own self-interests with no labels put on them. We must be accepting of all genders to express themselves and pursue their passions whatever it may be.