Does Type “A” behaviour actually exist

? Contents listed in appropriate scientific style

? Aim of the investigation
? One sentence about one relevant research study
? Method: e.g. experiment / observation / correlation
? Independent design / repeated measures?
? Sampling: e.g. opportunity / random?
? Participants: number, age and gender
? Independent and dependent variables (if relevant)
? Result (including values of statistical analyses)
? Level of significance (e.g. p=0.05).
? Experimental or alternative hypothesis
? Hypothesis accepted or rejected
? Final sentence: implication for behaviour

? Background psychological literature
? Relevant research discussed
? Background linked to the aims with reasons & some detail of method
? Experimental / alternative hypothesis
? Null hypothesis
? One / two tailed test?

? Experiment / observation / questionnaire?
? Independent design / repeated measures?
? Explanation of the design
? Independent & dependent variables (if relevant)
? Extraneous variables
? Removing bias, e.g. counterbalancing
? Any assumptions to be stated
? Conventional level of significance as 0.05
? Target population
? Sampling: e.g. opportunity / random
? Age range
? Number of each gender
? Allocation to conditions
? Did any decline or drop out
? Naïve
? Description and explanation
? Refer to appendix page number
? Diagram of materials and location (if necessary)
? Explain the Investigator’s role
? Describe the participants role
? Consent form and debriefing of the participants
? Standardised instructions (refer to appendix page)
? Debriefing of and thanks to participants


? Draw up a summary table of data
? State result with calculated and critical values
? Level of significance (0.05)
? No of participants
? Give basic facts from Graph(s) (e.g. range).
? State in which appendix raw data is listed and where the statistical analyses are to be found
? Give a full justification for the choice of test
? Raw data in appendix (labelled)
? Pooled data (where applicable in the appendices)
? Relevant tables with full headings
? Statistical analyses in full (appendix)
? Relevant graph(s): frequency plot of raw data / bar charts / scatter grams / pie charts etc.
? Check headings and labels
? Analyses of graphs (e.g. trend / range of responses)

? Outcome in terms of hypotheses, including result, critical value and level of significance
? Comment on the graphs related to the result
? Result linked to background literature and research that agrees / disagrees with this result. Be specific and quote research names from introduction
? Possible sources of error
? Include any uncontrolled variables
? Be critical of any design fault
? Limitations (actual and possible)
? Corresponding modifications
? Implications for further research
? Possible gender /age / cross – cultural issues
? Suggestions discussed thoroughly
? Research in terms of everyday behaviour


Does Type "A" behaviour actually exist