Domestic violence
write a paper on any topic about domestic violence

Research Paper
• Students must submit a formal research paper covering a topic related to domestic violence.
Students must follow the following guidelines or points will
be deducted from their paper.
• Papers must be submitted via ONE WORD DOCUMENT via the Safe Assignment icon. The Safe
Assign icon is located in Week 11’s folder. This folder can be found by clicking on “Weeks 9 – 12”
on the left hand column of your screen under “Course Content”. The title page, body of the
paper, and reference list must all be submitted in one document. The format of the document
must be in Word or PDF. Word Perfect or other similar type programs will not be accepted.
• Your paper must include a title page at the beginning of the paper and a reference list at the end
of the paper. The body of the paper must be 10 pages in length – double spaced, New Times
Roman font, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins all the way around, with NO graphs, charts, lists,
pictures, etc. within the body of the paper. Each page must be numbered.
• This is a formal writing assignment, so students must use Chicago or APA citation style with lots
of in-text citations throughout the paper and a formal reference list at the end of the paper also
in Chicago or APA style.
• Your paper should be formally and thoroughly researched. No .com sources. The bulk of your
research needs to come from academic journals in the library, scholarly books, government
research reports, etc. No Wikipedia and no newspapers or television shows! Those are not
acceptable academic sources. I expect to see 8 to 10 sources minimum.
• If the above stipulations are not followed your paper will lose points!
• Please keep in mind this is a research assignment. This is not an opportunity to write about your
own experiences or for you to tell me the stories of family members or friends. I want you to
stick to the research in your paper.
• Also, please be aware Safe Assign is an anti-plagiarism program that checks your document
against all other published documents. If you have a high Safe Assign match you are more than
likely plagiarizing your paper. So, please pay very careful attention to putting all of the
information into your own words by paraphrasing your sources. It is never ok to copy other
people’s work without direct quotations around the copied material. In this case (and I do not
like to see many direct quotes in a paper because I want to read what you have written, not
what someone else has written) you must have an in-text citation directly after the direct quote.
Also, keep in mind – all other paraphrased information must also be cited within your text with
in-text citations as well. Since the overwhelming majority of your paper is supposed to be
research based, I should not see too many paragraphs in your paper without at least one in-text
citation. A good safe assign match is 10% or under, and that is what I expect.
• There is a grading rubric posted in the syllabus and in the BlackBoard course in Week 11’s folder.
I strongly encourage you to look over this rubric so that you know how your paper will be



Domestic violence