E- Government and Change Management

Technology mission versus a an Organizational transformation issue


The purpose

ofthis paper/proposal is to present the challenges and opportunities of E-Government with special reference to change management. The key
issues and challenges facing e-government will be carefully analyzed in orderto identify the importance of change management in the succes
orfailure ofthe e-government projects. This will be validated with a number of case studies. The changes that have to be managed in
E-government implementation will be reviewed carefully and the importance of managing constant change effectively will be addressed in order
to provide strategies and recommendations. There are a number of changes to the fundamentals of public governance that will be explored in
this paper, including the role of stakeholders.

Using case studies and data

Main Objectives

To discuss the value of E-Government today

and highlight benefits

To identify the key issues and challenges facing E-government today and how it has an impact on change


To discuss change management and e-government implementation

To analyse the two sides of change management (soft vs hard)

and how it fits into e-government

Why E- government projects involve major changes

To ldentify/categorize the changes that have to be


How has poor change management strategy affected the success rate of e-government projects (case study here)

Identify the

changes that have to be managed in e-government implementation

To study sample case studies of e-government programs and successful

implementation with change management

To review failure of E-government projects and what changes are required



E- Government and Change Management