write the concert reports
The first section will be devoted to the identification of the elements of music discussed in chapter 2 Sound
Harmony Melody Rhythm Growth must all be addressed in the first section of your paper. Please elaborate in paragraph form on each element of music, explaining how and why you came to your conclusions. This section should
be approximately 1.5 pages. Sound: Discuss Timbre and Texture of the composition, and how reached the conclusions.
Harmony: Discuss the composers use of consonance and dissonance throughout the piece, and what impact it has on the composition. Melody: Discuss the use of range, shape and movement in the melody and how it affect the  composition. Rhythm: Discuss the elements of tempo and whether the rhythm is simple and strait forward or contains
elements of syncopation, if meter is compound or simple, and if it has a duple, triple or quadruple emphasis.
Please elaborate how you arrived at your conclusions. Growth: Discuss( to the best of your abilities) the  structure of the piece. Use letters to denote major sections as outlined in the text, with some exceptions. The second section of the paper will address your own personal impressions of the concert, Address the level of  preparation of performers, overall atmosphere, concert venue, and your own critique of the overall experience.


elements of music