You should formulate a particular question with regard to your topic.  For example, if you were interested in medical law, you may wish to examine the issue of whether or not human beings should be used for experimentation. (this example is not necessarily related to Business Ethics)

4 pages total; typed; double spaced with a 12 font.  You are not required to have a research reference page however I would like some information on sources so I can look up your information if necessary.

1 to 2 pages must contain an introduction to your topic.  The introduction should include a description of your particular issue.  You do not have to complete extensive research however you must include accurate information.  The remaining body of your paper will consist of your reflection.  Your reflection should include any observations, opinions, advantages, disadvantages, perceptions and conclusions.  You should analyze the position you take and discuss the issue thoroughly.


Enron Scandal