Essay Question

Your name is John Smith or Josephina Smith (choose either). You lived outside of
London in the early 167os, but a few years later you have signed a contract and find
yourself living in Virginia OR Massachusetts as an indentured servant. Please write a 4-5
page essay that explains the choices you made in signing an indenture contract, the
prospects you imagined for life in Virginia or Massachusetts, and the conditions (social,
economic, physical surroundings, etc.) you now experience. Please take it as a given that
you are not only literate but also have the ability to write an excellent essay about your
life path and surroundings.

0 We strongly encourage you to review chapter 2 of Murrin and chapter 5 of Gray,
using both as background information. You must utilize (quote from, refer to,
andfor paraphrase with proper citation) some of the documents in chapter 5 of
Gray. You may also cite information from the lecture:

0 yTlmTId be 4-5 pages_mTnQ1,doFt>le spaced, 12 pt. font, and one-inch
margins. You must provide citations for all direct quotations or any specific
information pulled from Murrin or Gray. For citations, you may use footnotes
(such as thisl) or simple parenthetical citations (Gray, p. 107) (Igler lecture, Oct.



Essay Question