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Topic: technical communication coursework

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?Relationship between innovation and professional communication in the ?creative? economy? by D. Hailey,, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, vol 40, no. 2, 2010, 125-141.

1. Based on the definition of a talent provided in the article, name and briefly describe three of your own talents.

2. Consider your own job (or a past job), find it in the list, Table 1 of the article, and determine whether you agree the job involves the talents associated with it in the table (see the table legend for talents that match the number code). If your job is not on the list, determine which of the talent categories ( visionary, connective, ideation, adaptable) you think it requires.

3. What characteristics did all of the unprotected careers have in common? What characteristics did all of the protected careers share?

4. Which of the 8 steps in the process of innovation (borrowed from the field of engineering) calls for the most creativity?

5. Why aren?t people more successful at finding the best solution to a problem?

6. Identify six predictable constraints that are likely to pertain to any problem-solving innovations.

7. Name three examples of constraints filters that possible solutions might be subjected to.



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