Ethics position paper (15% of course grade)
Each student will submit a 1-page (single-space, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) write-up on an ethical issue(s) related to a case study. By ethical issue, I mean a situation that requires a choice between alternatives that are evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical). Grading will be done using rubrics that accompany this syllabus. As you can see from the grading rubrics, part of the assignment is to identify the ethical issue(s) and determine what ethics approach to use in defending your position. I encourage you to read the publication cited at the top of the rubrics page and provided in Canvas to learn about some potential ethics approaches. There is also a video posted in Canvas on advice for preparing an effective ethics position paper. I strongly encourage you to use this video as a resource during the drafting and revising of your ethics position paper.
A topic should be selected by each student from among the case histories presented in Chapter 14 of the course textbook. I expect you to carry out substantial research on the case to collect the information needed to decide your position and fully develop your line of argument. (NOTE: You must take a position and support it with persuasive arguments.) Simply reading the paragraph in the book is not sufficient to provide you with the information you need. Make sure to cite your references. The list of references does not count toward the 1-page limit.
Submit your assignment by uploading it to Canvas by 5 PM on December 2 using this file name format: LAST NAME CHE 4430 ETHICS ASSIGNMENT


Ethics Paper