Ethnic Notions (Marlon Riggs, USA, 1986, 54 min.)

and Slaying the Dragon (Asian Women United, USA, 1986) . (avaible at libeary ) (Remember to please use italics when writing film titles) Using the knowledge and awareness that you have gained from watching these films, please watch both Bronze Screen (Racho, De Los Santos, Dominguez, 2003, 90 min.)
and Reel Injuns, (Neil Diamond, Canada, 2009, 54 min.) with the same critical eye. (Both films are on reserve at Geisel, they may not be able to be streamed. Reel Injuns & The Bronze Screen are available on Netflix.) *Reel injuns is available at YouTube, or Netflix

find the reading Mimura Reading at library too
Mimura, G. M. (2009). Ghostlife of third cinema: Asian American film and video. U of Minnesota Press.

Please write a 2-3 page response paper, double spaced with 12 point font that compares and contrasts these two films to the two that we have already seen.
Pick out a scene or section and analyze it thoroughly using the terminology we have used in class that concerns visual and audio elements of a documentary. Be specific in your response, do not give a summary of the plot; we already know what the films are about.
What we want are your opinions and ideas about what you are seeing and how you think that the documentary works or doesn’t work according to the visual and audio elements we have discussed in class. Please see the cheat sheet of visual and audio elements for more information. Imagine who the audiences are for these films and how different kinds of audiences might respond to the film.

To back up your opinions, you must use 2 different citations from the readings. Citations are not just a phrase from the readings, but rather a complete sentence or idea that supports your thoughts and feelings about the film. When possible, please include research and knowledge about how the film was made and the background of the production team.
Successful papers will demonstrate a strong analysis and argument, an awareness of audience, strong organization and development, and proper syntax, grammar, and word use.

Again points to cover in the paper:?1. Comparison and contrast of 4 films
?2. Discussion of visual and audio elements (pick two and go into detail)
?3. Discussion of the audience
?4. Discussion of the relationship to 2 of the readings?5. Discussion of the production team and how that might have influenced the film



Ethnic Notions (Marlon Riggs, USA, 1986, 54 min.)