Five Forces and SWOT Analysis of Narragansett Beer, a 100 year old beer company
Five Forces and SWOT Analysis
•This short written group assignment is designed to help you understand the
dynamics of the Five Forces model by Michael Porter and the SWOT
analysis approach using Narragansett brewing company as the subject. This
case comes from Bloomberg ‘enterprise’ though a video case story about how the
owners of Narragansett Beer, a 100 year old beer company are trying to rebuild the
brand, with early results showing it to be one of the fastest growing beers in New
• Library: “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy”, Michael Porter. Harvard Business
Review, January 2008, Vol. 86 Issue 1, p. 78-93, 16p.
• Online: Watch Michael Porter talk about the industry analysis framework, lessons on its use,
and application tips in this video (13 minutes):

• VIDEO CASE: Watch this 22 minute video profile from Bloomberg TV’s “Enterprise” on
Narragansett Beer, a 100 year old beer company.
• Preparation:
What do the changes in the marketplace mean for the future of the craft beer
industry? What is the structural attractiveness of this industry?
How effectively has Narragansett Brewery adjusted its resources and viability from
the past to the present?
Where do future opportunities exist and what implementation priorities would you
establish for the company?
How does your recommendation leverage what the company has already built as its
value proposition to customers, its source of competitive advantage or create new
How does your recommendation address the changing scope and dimensions of
competitive rivalry?

In no more than two single-spaced pages first prepare a Five Force Analysis of how
Narragansett Beer operates using Michael Porter’s framework. Provide a short,
direct and to the point analysis of each of the five forces as well as a conclusion
T. Starr – MGMT 321, Fall 2013 – TTH 2pm UO Copyright 8
about the overall structural attractiveness of the industry in which your company
operates. Substantiate your analysis with data. You must also provide a scale of
how you rate each force in terms of its effect on the industry’s competitiveness now
and in the future, e.g. High/Medium/Low and Increasing/Decreasing/ Staying the
Secondly, present an overall SWOT analysis of Narragansett Beer, discuss the
implications of the analysis for future strategic options the company might address.
You may use a narrative style or diagram for each of the industry forces and your
SWOT analysis



Five Forces and SWOT Analysis of Narragansett Beer, a 100 year old beer company