Write and submit the documented essay on Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. Your documented essay must be 1500 words in length (the word count does not include the Works Cited). The documented essay must include direct and indirect quotations from the novel, Frankenstein. The documented essay must include 5 representative quotations that were chosen from the novel Frankenstein. Direct and indirect quotations from the 4 secondary sources (4 journal articles about Shelleys 1818 edition of Frankenstein) must be included in the documented essay. The journal articles must be written after 1980. The 4 secondary sources must be those chosen for the Paper Proposal Assignment and the Thesis Sentence and Outline Assignment. The student must also incorporate the Rough Draft observations made by the instructor into the Documented Essay. You must include a title for the documented essay.

At least two literary terms must be used in the documented essay.

Only one block quotation may be used in the documented essay.

This assignment must be submitted typed, in standard MLA format (double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and proper page numbering, which includes the students last name in the header). The documented essay must be written in third-person, in present tense, and must contain proper referencing. A Works Cited must be included with the documented essay. Please proofread the documented essay carefully.