From HIST 5360-OL01 Syllabus, pp. 4-5:
2. Semester Project: The project replaces a Final Exam. (Value: 20% of course grade)

a. Topic: Any subject related to the course that uses historical analysis. Specific guidelines for the research project and instructor approval form will be on the HIST 5360-OL01 Homepage-Course Materials – Semester Project folder by October 15.
Instructor approval due by November 1. Choose wisely by exploring topics of personal interest to you AND with adequate and available historically credible sources needed for the research.
b. Sources: Primary sources in translation and academically credible secondary sources, both print and electronic, including relevant digital resources and public history sites.

c. Discussion Board Synopsis of Research Process and Project:
Due: Before or no later than 11 p.m., December 9. (Value: 5% of course grade)
The Word document attachment posted should include: 11) reason for choosing project; 2) any difficulties faced/how resolved; 3) evaluation of resources used—include one book besides required texts, one academic journal article and one historically credible electronic source; 4) three – five of the most valuable insights about the Arab world and/or Islamic society that you obtained through this project;
5) personal benefit, besides fulfilling a course requirement.
Instructor approval for the Semester Project is required by November 1, 2013.

d. Written report format: Research paper of 8 – 10 typed, double-spaced pages with
foot or end notes to give due credit to sources used.
IMPORTANT: Use the Chicago style format for this advanced history course..


From HIST 5360-OL01 Syllabus, pp. 4-5: