gender inclusivity
Gill, S. (2010). Is gender inclusivity an answer to ethical issues in business? An Indian Stance. Gender in Management, 25(1), 37-63. doi:
This is a well-articulated article that gives an overview of an ethical environment and how it would be greatly enhanced by incorporation of more women than men in business administration. The author builds an argument from the fact that women are highly ethical and hence, encouraging them to be proactive in their careers is equal to promoting an environment that is successful in ethical dispositions and in ethical decision making procedures.
The author generates useful information from a survey, where 162 business students participated. Therefore, this article would be useful to those in business administration since it would be an eye-opener and the beginning of creation of an ethical environment. The research findings in this article are very relevant in my topic since they provide evidence on ethical disposition in business and the role of women in attaining that. Moreover, the article gives insight into the role of gender in maintaining ethics in businesses. The article is unique as seen in the appropriateness of the article and how the author establishes a fact that women uphold greater sensitivity to ethical issues thus soliciting the support of readers to use this knowledge to their advantage in business administration. The author is a highly credible university professor in accounting and finance. This, plus the case study used to collect data on the issue of ethics, makes the article reliable for use in business administration purposes.


gender inclusivity