health systems ‘building block’ elements

Task Description;
Taking one of the six health systems ‘building block’ elements introduced in this course, examine its implications

for control ofa global disease priority, in 3000 words (excluding references).

If you choose a disease / condition that is not covered under MDGs, you should justify and explain (giving data, statistics, if available) why your chosen disease / condition is a global priority.
Examine the implications of recent developments in vaccines for child health, or debates around
regimes of drugs for HIV orfinancing for MDG5. They could considerthe challenges of health information systems forthe management of Maternal mortality, orthe health transition in terms of NCDs.
Choose to critically analyze gaps in the current situation, highlighting the ways in which health systems may be ignored or even undermined in the responses of specific disease strategies.

Cover both aspects comprehensively: the health systems element and the disease control aspects. The intention is to focus On the integration ofthe two. Continuing with its focus on systems, WHO’s 2007 Framework forAction: Everybody’s Business: Strengthening Health Systems to Improve Health Outcomes,

Outlines six system building blocks:

1. Service Delivery

2. Health Workforce

3. Information

4. Medical Products, Vaccines and Technologies

5. Financing

6. Leadership and Governance Throughout this course, we will look at the interplay between health systems and disease control using WHO’s of six system building blocks and different diseases.




health systems 'building block' elements