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Project description
I need to create a magazine, the magazine should contains a cover page with a title, must have two articles pertain to the subject and each article has 500 words, and also must have one ad. There should be some pictures on the magazine with their sources- to be like an actual magazine. This is a creative assignment for my English class. I will also download the actual direction that i received from the instructor once i get my account.


You will be creating a magazine based on your major, hobby, favorite music, or other area of interest that you have. You will present your magazine to the class on the specified dates listed above. You will not know what day you will deliver your presentation until the actual day so be prepared. The requirements for your magazine and presentation are listed below. This assignment is worth 100 points, in order to receive the points all requirements must be met. This is a creative assignment so please use your creativity.

Magazine Requirements:

* Your magazine must have a cover page with title of the magazine
* Your magazine must have 2 500- word articles
* Your magazine must have 1 ad
* Your magazine must have a 1 page word from the editor (this is your magazine so it is one page about you and the magazine. Tell the audience about yourself and why your magazine is important and the type of information that can be found inside. You are “selling” us your magazine.)

Make sure that you are aware of your audience when creating your magazine. Your articles should pertain to the subject of the magazine. The ad must target your audience and it may be a fictional or real product. The ad and cover page will be graded on originality and effective targeting. Your articles should be organized and free of grammatical errors.

Presentation Requirement:

* You must dress professionally when delivering your presentation to the class
* You will show respect to your classmate while other presentations are being delivered or points will be deducted from your own
* You are not to use inappropriate or offensive material; if you are unsure check with me
* Being late for your presentation will result in point deductions
* If you use sources from the web you must cite them in a separate page. This includes pictures that contain a copyright. If you have questions please ask me
* You will present the magazine and read your editors letter to the class as well as 1 of the 2 articles within the magazine


Again this is a creative writing project. Be creative and have fun but take the writing portions seriously or points will be deducted. Look through some of your favorite magazines to get some ideas for your own magazine. Pick something that you know a great deal about and that interests you… you are the expert on your magazine subject.


Hip Hop Culture