Topic:  Write a Colonial America timeline 1600-1763  Include what you think were the important dates/ events of the Era.  Instead of a formal Final Exam the timeline assignment serves as your Final Exam. 

-Consider the questions:  What happened?  Include the basics.  Why were these events important?  How did they shape the Era?  Why should they be studied? 

-Length:  125 words PER event.  10 events

1 date = 1 event.

Your 1st 10 dates will count.  Do NOT write over 10 events.

DATE:  event title- i.e. what happened- DAY- MONTH- YEAR not just years

IMPORTANCE:  your short analysis of what happened and why it was important. At least 125 words PER Event.  But be concise.

**Do not write:  1754-1763:  the French and Indian War took place.

**Do not include:  after 1763 such as Revolutionary War events.

**Do not:  write an essay.  A timeline means a timeline.  I should be able to quickly see the date- event and why it was important.

***The Mayflower Compact, slavery, William Penn, etc are not an events.

********A piece of paper, a person, or an idea is NOT an event.  Make sure you are writing the signing of or the writing of….

-Grammar:  be sure not to say I think  Keep I, we, us, our, etc out of formal essays.  Do not use 1st person.

-Format:  Be sure to add your name to the doc title i.e. YOURNameEssay4. Include a title page with your name, date, assignment title.  Place page numbers at the bottom of each page.  Use Times New Roman- 12 pt.  Double space.

-Research:  You MUST include citations (i.e. endnotes or footnotes in Chicago Format and a Bibliography).  You should have several citations to help prove your point but not so much that all you are doing is either paraphrasing or stringing quotes together.  Include at least ONE primary source.  Label your primary source. 

****Do not rely on for your research.  This is a final for an upper level HIST class.  Do some research and include primary sources.

Grading:  You will be graded on argument, style, Historic analysis, organization, grammar, and research.


Historical Timeline Colonial era 1600-1763.