Answer the essay  question below using ONLY the readings attached below (Do not use external sources) :

1- Write an essay about the interplay of Islam and nationalism in the Middle East. How do Middle Eastern nationalists interact with the Islamic faith? What are the areas where the two meet? What are the main points of contention between them?

Check out page 64 in the reading “arab nationalism and islam” very helpful, also use the other readings

-Include your full name and ID number in your response.
-To be submitted directly to Turnitin,
-1000 words. (this is a general framework only, but do not go too far from it)
-You are expected to be able to answer using only the lectures and textbook material from Blackboard.
-if you quote the textbook verbatim you need to have in-text citation and have a works cited segment at the end of your essay.