History and Political Science
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Study Guide and Discussion Questions (Week of Oct. 21)
The following are terms and concepts that will be important for you to pay attention to in this week’s readings and lectures. You will be asked to identify and explain the significance of many of these on quizzes and exams.

Important terms and concepts:
Scholar-official military technology
Wang Anshi landscape painting
Neo-Confucianism Su Dongpo (Su Shi)
Wang Anshi rice
Zhu Xi

Discussion Questions:
Learning Objectives:
• using and applying information you have learned in the weekly readings and lectures.
• writing out your ideas and relating new ideas to one another and to your previous knowledge.
• comparing your own ideas, practices and beliefs with those held by people in traditional China.
Choose ONE of the questions below and write a 200–300 word response (this is the Discussion Paper that you will turn in at class time on Friday). Be sure that the paper you turn in is typed, double-spaced and includes at the top of the paper: 1) your full name, 2) your discussion section, 3) the date, and 4) the question you are answering. You will also want to look at the rubric for Discussion Papers given in the syllabus to help you know how to craft your paper.
Weekly discussion questions may serve as the basis for quiz and exam questions.
• Discuss three different factors that contributed to economic development during the Song dynasty and explain why they were so important.
• What activities characterized the life of a scholar-official and why did he, and not the military leader, come to dominate socially and politically during the Song dynasty?
• In what important ways did the Song dynasty government resemble previous imperial governments? In what ways were Song politics different from previous dynasties, and why were these differences significant?



History and Political Science