History of Film – Dossier
Gather the elements of your dossier.

Remember the OED definition of the term “dossier”: a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject:

You should investigate above and beyond what has talked about/alluded to in class. Do not ignore what has been presented in class, but expand upon the material with your own associations.

Any heading is allowed: literature; painting; music;fashion; politics, architecture, design et al. Please use anything you deem relevant to ascertain the aesthetics of these films. This is essential to how you justify your choices, however far fetched they may be. In the end you should have a collection of writings about various works which all support a central argument.

At minimum I expect you to write three articles at a page and a half each.


You have seen two films by Jean Renoir: Toni (1935) and The Human Beast (1938).

Gather elements that would enable you define that art of Jean Renoir in those films and to ascertain in which measure they provide a quintessential definition of the aesthetics of the 1930’s.

Present the various elements of the dossier and jusstify the choice of each element you choose to include. Be concise and clear in your arguments; avoid grandiosity. You do not have to make connections between the articles themselves, although it may help your argument overall if you choose to.


History of Film – Dossier