Hollywood vs. Reality (sport films)
“Genres: Sports in Film” class, wirte a 5-7papes paper about sport film. u need to compare with two films. One is “Cinderella Man” and pick an other film youself to make the compare.
Paper 2: Hollywood vs. Reality

Students will pick a movie based on a true event. Students must get their movie selection approved by me, or students will receive an “F” for the paper. Be prepared to present your findings orally for class. Undergraduate apers should be four to six pages in length; and, graduate papers should be seven to nine pages in length. Papers due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, October 22th.

Students should start by conducting archival research of the person or event selected to determine how accurate the cinmeatic portrayl is. Then, compare an historical event or significant athlete to the cinematic portrayal. How accurate was the film version? What was left out; and, is the omission integral to the accuracy of the events depicted? Which version do you prefer, why? What could have been done differently, why? Did the filmmaker’s interpretation of ‘reality’ influence the representation of history (mixing of fact with fiction)? Did the cinematic portrayal stay true to reality, or did this potrayal go ‘hollywood’? Did the filmmaker take a reductionist approach to shaping evidence to deliver specific conclusions? Provide specific examples from the cinematic presentation and research to support your claims. Use a minimum of three popular and academic articles from a variety of sources to reinforce your analysis; graduate students must use five academic articles for outside sources. Remember, analysis is not plot summary. Describe elements of plot ONLY when you need to provide context for your claims.

Please note: All written assignments and papers must be typed, double-spaced, use a 12- point font, 1-inch margins, page numbers, and written in complete sentences. Students are also expected to communicate effectively in written English. Proper attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and proofreading is required in all work. Student work that shows inadequate attention to the syntax and mechanics of language will receive a lower grade. Proofread all your work. All references must be documented and appropriately cited. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source. Please use the citation outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA; 2001, 5th ed.).


Hollywood vs. Reality (sport films)