How does Kuwait follow the stages of Edmund Burke’s Theory of Modern Revolutions?
Below are the directions for my paper. All I need is just an outline that contains thesis statement, topic sentences for each body paragraph, and a fact or point for each topic sentence and supporting evidence for each fact.

Research Paper: Western Civilization

Requirements: 4-6 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, a minimum of eight sources cited (footnoted MLA format) within the body of the paper, proper MLA format for all aspects of the paper, works cited must meet the requirements stated in Part II (see below)
I. Selecting a topic begins with the selection of a drastic change in a government around the world that occurred after 1960. Mine is the country Kuwait. Your research paper will attempt to answer an important question, to what degree does the revolution reflects Edmund Burke’s theory of modern revolutions, thus your paper will be argumentative (persuasive). Your thesis, which is the beginning of that answer should be well stated and should appear in the opening paragraph of your paper and located at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Modern Revolutions according to Edmund Burke in “Reflections on the French Revolution”
Modern Revolutions

Stage 1: Widespread support of the Uprising; change occurs

Stage 2: Society becomes divided by the change; those that oppose the change speak out
against the new power either in words or violence or both

Stage 3: Civil War breaks out and a dictatorial power emerges, thus creating even more
opposition and the new government takes more drastic measures (counter-revolution)

Stage 4: Someone (group) comes along who takes matters into his own hands who will
restore law and order and society ends up in a dictatorship

*NOTE* Through the research I have done Kuwait seems to have only gone through stage one of Edmund Burkes theory of modern revolutions. And because the paper is explaining how the country follows his theory, you would be explaining how they went through stage one and how they were able to avoid the other stages.

Construct a list of works consulted (MLA format) that includes at least one of the following sources each source needs to relate to your topic (minimum of five sources).
a. A monograph (a book)
b. An encyclopedia or reference work (Not a general encyclopedia; i.e. World Book, Wikipedia)
c. A journal, Periodical, Newspaper
d. Two primary sources


You need to be thinking about events that you read about and to what degree do these events reflect Burke’s pattern of events. You need to develop an argument or arguments about the pattern and take notes that support your position. Remember that historical events are subject to interpretation. Your paper must support your position (thesis) and be argumentative (persuasive) in order to pass


How does Kuwait follow the stages of Edmund Burke's Theory of Modern Revolutions?