human development
1. Describe and explain the three major aspects (domains) and eight periods of human development. Describe and explain the four goals of the scientific study of human development.

2. Compare the four major theoretical perspectives on human development mentioned in the text. What are some theories representative of each? Explain.

Answer six of the following questions. Each is worth 10 points.

3. Describe and explain the three basic theoretical issues on which developmental scientist differ.

4. Describe and explain ethical considerations may arise in research on human beings, and how they can best be resolved.

5. Describe and explain the three stages of prenatal development. What happens at each stage?

6. Describe and explain the growth of body and brain.

7. How have Piaget’s description and claims of infants’ and toddlers cognitive development stood up under later scrutiny? Describe and explain.

8. When does the sense of self arise? Describe and explain.

9. How does self-concept develop during early childhood? Describe and explain.

10. How is school-age children’s thinking and moral reasoning different from that of younger children? Describe and explain.

11. How accurately can schoolchildren’s intelligence be measured? Describe and explain.

12. Describe and explain some of the most common forms of aggressive behavior in middle childhood and what influences contribute to it.


human development