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PADM 510RESEARCH PAPER: LEADERSHIP INSTRUMENT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWIn this assignment, you will complete the Path-Goal Leadership Instrument provided in Read:Northouse: Chapter 6. The leadership instrument is complex and utilizes several dimensions toassess your current leadership style and skills. The leadership instrument allows you to not onlyidentify your current leadership styles and traits but also consider how you might utilize otherskills and traits moving forward. Upon completion of the leadership instrument, please take sometime to evaluate your responses and scores considering your current leadership style. Do thescores match your perceived leadership style? In your paper, you should provide a summary ofyour scores in paragraph form. Then, provide your thoughts on the scores, how you might utilizethe identified leadership traits and what changes you might make moving forward.INSTRUCTIONSThe paper should consist of at least 5-7 full pages (not including any title, abstract, and referencepages) in current APA format and must discuss the points required. Follow the guidelinesprovided below: Summarize your scores on the leadership instrument in paragraph form. Provide your thoughts on scores. Where they what you expected? Where they somethingother than what you expected? Discuss how you might utilize the information gained from completing the leadershipinstrument. Would you make any changes to your style moving forward? How does th


I need a research Paper PADM 510 RESEARCH PAPER: LEADERSHIP INSTRUMENT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will complete the Path-Goal Leadership Instrument provided in Read: Nort