Imagining an Asia-Pacific region

critically review the required reading – Dirlik (1992)

First, you are required to identify the author’s main argument in relation to the week’s topic which is (Imagining an Asia-Pacific region). In doing so you need to analyse it: break it down into its key elements or features and explain how these connect together.

Second, you are required to critically evaluate the author’s argument.

NOTE: An argument is a reasoned statement on a topic or issue.

You are not required to do research for this essay as it is principally a test of your ability to recognise and critically evaluate an argument.

Your essay should be well-structured and contain a clear argument of your own. That argument will set out what you believe is the author’s main argument and your evaluation of it.

Your essay should have an introduction in which your argument is summarised. The rest of the essay should be an elaboration of that argument. Try to include this sentence in your introduction: This essay will argue…

Your essay must be fully referenced according to accepted academic conventions. This includes proper referencing of the author you are reviewing. Essays that are not fully referenced will be returned for re-submission.

It is recommended that you use the Chicago Style and a reference list at the end.

Please use this Reference Style:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking involves reflecting, questioning and giving reasons for your opinions. It is about deciding what to believe by reflecting on and evaluating the reasons that others present you with. (Lubica Ucnik)
Critical thinking is active thinking. It does not always involve censure or faultfinding; it can lead to agreement (but with reasons).


Imagining an Asia-Pacific region