you will need to write in first person about your family history. Although this is a personal essay, it does require some research. As with myself, I assume, like most Americans, that many of you have more nationalities than just one. I am asking you to choose one nationality and discuss the wave of that cultures migration to the US in one paragraph. What were the causes that brought this culture to the United States? In another paragraph, I am interested in what struggles this culture had to face once they got to the U.S. In the third body paragraph, I would like you to address an aspect of illegal immigration today; finally, in the fourth paragraph, you will need to address whether or not you agree with making immigration illegal and why; lastly, you need a conclusion (you will need six paragraphs total). Furthermore, if you are full or part Native American, you can write about the history of your tribe in paragraph one, and in the second paragraph, you can write about what struggles this tribe faced in terms of American expansion. If you are African American, and you know that your family came to the United States through slavery, you can write about what brought African Americans to the United States during the slave years or what tribe your family may have or did originate from; in paragraph two you can address what was life like for a slave in America. If you are an international student or first wave immigrant, you can discuss what brought you to the United States and what cultural hurdles have you faced once here.

You are allowed to use your family history for this essay; you can write about your relatives, interview them, and even use photographs (however, photographs are optional). I am asking you to use four sources (hard copy or from the library unless approved), and an optional interview. Lastly, this paper must utilize MLA format, and it needs to come out to a minimum of four full pages (not including works cited).