Improving Australian Health Outcomes


Develop a group project plan for an approved complex project, implementing the theoretical material you have covered..

A project plan is produced to plan a new complex project. This task is intended to be the application of theory so theory should not be reproduced, but the application of theory to a project.

As you may be using material in this report which may be developed by others (external to the course), it is important to identify what was your contribution and what was the contribution of others.

An introductory section should be included to outline your approach to the report, as well as to the project. A work-based project may be used. Sections developed by others (eg estimate or schedule) may be included provided it is clearly stated who developed each section. It should be made clear what your contribution to this project plan is.

Some examples:
A. Introduction of electric vehicles
You may assume:
Your consultancy has accepted a commission to develop a system of system to establish electric powered vehicles throughout the nation (the latest version can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari and travel 400 kms on a single battery).
The goal is to have the whole project completed in 10 years (no petrol powered cars still in use
Develop a systemigram for the project
Develop a set 20 requirements for the SoS.
Develop a SoS architecture
In order to achieve an incremental commitment to progress with the proposal, develop a set of phase gates hurdles to be satisfied for incremental commitment to progress, in accordance with Boehm and Lane
How would you structure formalised dissent in your project team?
Are there any other relevant issues?
B. Introduction of significant changes to cater for climate change reform in the country;

C. How you would understand and counter a vague threat by a terrorist group that they have a range of possible threats including a nuclear bomb ready to be used, a suicide bomber who may come in by frogmen, possibly poisoning the drinking water, or other;

D. Disaster relief for another state, after a cyclone, which in undergoing a civil war and has many corrupt government officials.

E. Peace between two national groups which currently share the same land but which, through various incidents of history, have many citizens who hate the other group. Sporadic acts of violence occurs between the two groups and each has powerful neighbours who may or may not be helpful. Many leaders in both groups are corrupt.

The Complex Project is expected to reflect the following:
Identify the multiple integrated complex systems working together required to achieve project objectives;
Offer adequate and detailed information to assess the situation or problem and objectives by the case reader;
Identify the process to be initially undertaken;
Identify the architecture the project should adopt (and why);
Be cogent;
Satisfactorily explain the basis for project plan;

Improving Australian Health Outcomes"
And I received this email from the lecturer:
"You need to do something more than analyse it (that is a case study not a project).

So how about starting a project which will “improve the overall health of Australians” (and reduce the cost of health care?)

In this project you will then have to determine the interconnectedness with all other systems within Australia that impact on the health of Australians and recognise how these systems are interconnected with other systems in Australia (globally?)"

The structure that I need in my part as the following:
1) introduction
– System of System background (Australian health system)
– Complex Adaptive System (CAS) background
2) Scope (improving australian health)
3) System of System description
– History of the system of system (health system)
– Mission/ purpose (strategy)/ Objectives
– Stakeholders
– Boundaries
– Governing Body
– External Factors
– Constraints/ limitation
– Feedback process



Improving Australian Health Outcomes