improving the road traffic in Saudi Arabia , and reducing the road accidents rate
This is a project in Saudi Arabia , you have to pretend that its done by the Saudi Government , the main purpose of this project is to improve the trafiic in Saudi Arabia , and reduce the accidents rates , since the road accident rate is very high , and most of the people who are dying are young people!

please do the following
1- introduction about the topic , why is it important , please relate that to economic , and that the coutrny is losing its most important people because of these accidents.
2- the need statement:
you have to mention here what is the acccidents rate in Saudi Arabia , please look for the latest statistics , what is the accidentes affecting , what are the losses
and then state the need properly so that it attract the writer to read the project ,
3- the objectives
what are you aiming to reach by applying this project !
it’s basically going to be reduce the accidents rate by ( % ) , and to have a safe environment

4- the Methods:
how are you going to do this project,
let’s say :
a- make sure that the people understand about the road signs through media ” TV , Radio..” and aware people about the risks of high speeding , and crossing the red lights
b- make sure the roads are safe , there are no bumps ,…etc
c- the new drivers who are applying for the driver’s license should be tested very carefully , and make sure that they pass the written test first
d- no children under 16 years are allowed to drive , and those who are 16 years old should drive with someone who had a driver’s license

e- fight corruption in the police center , monitroing system that make sure no one can get the driver’s license by ” connection ” or by paying any bribes

f- set strict penalities for drivers who are breaking the rules : e.g speeding , crossing the red lights

please think of more ways on how to do this project

5- the evaluation plan:
how are we going to know that our program has successed!
one of the ways is to track the accidents rate in the next year ( then our objective should be to reduce the accidents rate in the coming six months let’s say!)
is the accidents rate decreasing ,
are there too many people taking tickets!

please think of more things in how are we going to evaluate our plan

6- Budget

the project needs a budget ,
let’s say how many police are you going to hire
what are costs of reconstructing the roads, renewing the road signs
what are the costs of doing awareness program in the media , and so on

7- conclusion



improving the road traffic in Saudi Arabia , and reducing the road accidents rate