Interview a Hotel Manager
Project description
Each student will interview a Hotel Manager in a position in which the student may someday want to work. The interview should be detailed and in depth; including, but not limited to, information from questions listed below. A three (3) page double spaced typed paper will be handed in. The paper WILL NOT be completed as a LIST of questions asked and answered – it will be written in essay form. You must incorporate important, interesting and necessary facts into this paper with a graceful writing voice that holds the readers attention. Written Final Project is due 11/12/13 – paper will lose 5/100 points each day it is late.


You will also make a presentation, to the class, of interesting & useful details included in your paper – you will use any supporting materials (power point, slides, prezi, etc.) that may help you to capture the attention of your audience and to enhance the presentation. Presentations should be approximately 5 minutes in length. You will make your presentation in a professional manner; with proper business attire and professional demeanor. Students will schedule date for presentation with instructor.

This project will count for 25% of your total grade.

Questions for hotel manager that must be addressed in the written paper:

· Title and Position of Manager


· How long in that position and what position she held previous to that position


· Name of hotel


· What is the hotel’s average occupancy rate and ADR for the last year? You should then calculate RevPAR using this information.


· What is the hotel’s Organizational Structure? — To whom does this manager report and who reports to this manager? Which other positions in this hotel would be management peer positions to this hotel manager?


· By asking questions of the manager and/or consulting the hotel’s website independently, define the classification and segments, using ‘lodging language’ (ie: full service, limited service, extended stay, etc.) learned in Chapter 1 to explain the type of lodging and services provided at this hotel.


· What interesting new technology is this hotel using or featuring? (for example: new devices, social media, new software, etc.)


· What, if any, green initiatives or programs is the hotel following?



· Educational background of manager including any internships


· Job responsibilities


· What she/he likes most about this job


· Biggest challenge this job presents


· In which direction would she like her career to advance and what might be the next career move she makes to reach that goal?


· Advice she can give to you as you begin your career in the industry


· You may and should ask any additional questions of this manager that may interest you – gather as much pertinent information as possible. Remember, it is better to have too much information to work with than too little as you write your paper and prepare your presentation.




Interview a Hotel Manager