Introduction to Law and Regulatory Framework

The task is as follow :

The law of England and Wales stems from four main sources varying a great deal in terms of importance. The basis for our law is case law, a mass of judge-made decisions which lay down rules to be followed in future court cases. For many centuries it was the main form of law and is still very important today. However, the most important source of law, in the sense that it prevails over most of the others, are Acts of Parliament. Delegated legislation is made by the administration rather than the legislature, and lays down detailed rules to implement the broader provision of the Acts of Parliament. An increasingly important source of law is the legislation of the European Union, which is the only type of law that can take precedence over Acts of Parliament in the UK.

Task 1

Give an overview of the main sources of law for England and Wales including

(a) case law (Common law)
(b) statute
(c) the impact of European law on the law of England and Wales.

You should give details of the major principles associated with each.
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keep in mind this course is part of a construction project management program so if you will give example make sure it is in a construction field and don’t make it very general .

don’t use many websites 3-5 is enough

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Introduction to Law and Regulatory Framework