Is There Suffielent Selentlfie

Evidence to Conelutle That
Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
YES: fllga ‘Ir’. Naidenko, from testimonv before Senate £.ommit-
tee on .-‘Lppropr iation s, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human
Services, and Education, and Related .-‘Lgencies, hearing on “‘l’he
Health Effects of {‘.’ell Phone Use” [September 14, 2fli}”.i’]
i’s’fl: Linda S. lzirdreich, from testimonv before Senate {iommittee
on .-‘sppropriations, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human
Services, and Education, and Related .-‘agencies, hearing on “The
Health Effects of {‘.’ell Phone Use” [September 14, 2fli”.I”‘.-3’]
Learning Outcomes
Mter studying H1 is issue, students will be able to explain:
1. What the evidence savs about the link between cell phone use
and brain cancer.
2. Whv the scientific methoddo-es not require a mechanism that
produces an effect to be confident the effect e.1rLst.s.
2-}. What the greatest risks associated with cell phone use are.
4. How one may reduce possible cell phone cancer risl-:.s without
giving up the technologv.
YES: fllga H-‘. i’s’aidenl-:o argues that even though past research intothe
link between cell phones and cancer has produced ambiguous results,
more recent research on people who have used cell phones for many
‘years has produced more worrisome results. More research is needed,
but concern is alreadv amplv justified, especiallv in connection with
children’s e.sposure to cell phone emLssion.s of radio waves.
Nfl: Linda S. l:’.rdreich argues that independent scientific organi-
zations have reviewed the research to date on the supposed linl-c


Write a paragraph on what a technological leap forward is and characteristics of a technological leap forward. You may want to consider how or why this type of analysis is beneficial for understanding technology’s relationship with society. Or who would utilize this perspective for what purposes. You may elaborate on examples of this analysis from your own cultural capital, class or the book’s examples. You can also address the limitations of this analysis and why. Your ultimate goal in every forum entry is to see what you can articulate about the relationship of science, technology and society.
The paragraph must relate to these two articles I give to you. Please do less on summary and do more on analysis.

Use the Chicago Manual of Style

Write a multiple-choice question base on one of the articles.

The sample of the multiple-choice question

A technological leap forward occurs because of the availability of complementary technological developments that allow the resolution of fundamental problems.

• A. True because in order for Penicillin to be massed produced issues such as fermentation, aeration and freeze drying needed to be solved.

• B. True because computers and solid state electronics happened simultaneously.

• C. False because hybrid corn was rejected in New Mexico because of taste.

• D. True because bicycle production depended on advances in the automobile industry.

• E. False because Babbage and Lovelace were our first computer engineers.

• Correct Answer: A



Is There Suffielent Selentlfie