Article: Pennycook, G., Cannon, T. D., & Rand, D. G. (2018). Prior exposure increases perceived accuracy of fake news. Journal of experimental psychology: general, 147(12), 1865.

NOTE: You can scroll past the results sections for each experiment (and you can ignore tables & figures unless youre interested).

Prompt: In a paragraph, provide a brief summary of the article, beginning with the purpose and ending with the conclusion, including each of the following:

What are illusory truth effects?
What was the main independent (manipulated) variable in the study? (hint: see the middle of page 2)
What was the dependent (outcome) variable in the study?
In at least a second paragraph, write a reaction to the reading including some or all of the following:

connections you made between the article and course material
questions the reading stimulated you to have
things you didnt understand coupled with a description of your confusion
things that surprised you and why
things you would like to discuss with your fellow students
ideas for a possible application you come up with as a result of the reading
links you made between the reading and an idea or theme in a previous reading or class discussion, a movie you have seen or book you have read, a popular-press article, material you have discussed in another class, etc.
anything else interesting you can discuss to expand upon the reading