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Prof Profile: Rick Gamble
Name: Eric (Rick) Gamble
Date of Birth: July 27, 1954
Mailing address: 10 Baxter Street, Brantford, ON, N3R 2V4, Canada
University address: Wilfrid Laurier University ? Laurier Brantford
Journalism and Contemporary Studies
73 George Street, Brantford, ON, N3T 2Y3
Home telephone: (519) 753-5353
Office telephone: (519) 756-8228, #5723
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
? News gathering, writing, videography, editing and presentation
? Political reporting
? Native Affairs reporting
? Child soldiers in east Africa
? Reporting and Democracy
? Advertising
? Public Relations
? Media In a Global Context
? Social Implications of Media
? Feature and Human Interest Writing
a) Instructor in Communication Studies, Journalism, and Contemporary Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University, 1997 – Present
Courses Taught
? Media In Society (CS 207)
? Journalism and Social Order (JN 214)
? Media In a Global World (JN/CT/MX 226)
???he Journalism Project (JN 423)
a) Part-time Instructor, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1997 – Present
b) Full-time minister of Followers of Christ, an independent, nondenominational church
in Brantford, Ontario, 1997 – Present
c) Documentary film maker, 1993 – Present
d) Religion and Ethics Columnist, Brantford Expositor, 2005 – Present
e) Media and Public Relations Consultant, Children?s Treatment Centre (a child abuse treatment
facility in Cornwall, ON), 2007 – Present
a) Provincially licensed minister of Followers of Christ, an independent, nondenominational church in
Brantford, ON, 1997 – Present
? Preach weekly and teach two weekly classes.
? Write and design a weekly newsletter.
? Do non-professional counselling for church and community members.
? Perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, and baby dedications.
? Offer pastoral and palliative care at a city hospital.
? Supervise, and participate in, ministries at a homeless shelter and a daily breakfast program for
inner city children.
? Plan and execute special services, workshops, and an annual retreat.
? Work with local and national faith organizations such as the Brantford Ministerial Association,
Promise Keepers and the Canadian Bible Society.
? Write articles for online publications such as Wineskins and Grace Centered Magazine.
b) Media Training and Public Relations Consultation, 1994 – Present
? Advise corporate board members, leaders, and key staff on strategies for dealing with media.
? Clients have included Wilfrid Laurier University senior officials (main campus), Waterloo
Regional Police, senior Kitchener City Hall staff, the Ontario Cattlemen?s Association, the
Children?s Treatment Centre in Cornwall, and KW Counselling Services.
c) Public Relations Specialist for the Agresolve program, a federally-funded program that matched
Ontario farmers with professional counsellors to help them deal with extreme personal and
economic stress, 2005 – 2008
? Oversaw marketing and media relations.
? Designed and wrote brochures, website content, and media kits,
? Handled all print, television and radio interviews.
? Delivered presentations at conferences and workshops.
? Liaised with farmers, politicians and agricultural organizations at conferences and trade shows.
d) CTV News, 1980 – 2003
? Filed live and packaged stories ? local and national ? from CKCO-TV, the Kitchener affiliate.
? Contributed regularly to Canada AM, CTV National News and News Now, the 24-hour service.
? Specialized in politics, native affairs, economic development, agriculture, and feature stories.
? Wrote, produced and presented in-depth news series, including smuggling, the effects of sleep
deprivation, and the restoration of a Lancaster bomber from the Second World War.
e) CFCA-FM and CKKW Radio, 1980-1991
? Filed on-the-scene news reports from across Ontario.
f) United Press Canada (Canadian arm of the United Press International wire service), 1978-1980
? Filed on-the-scene reports from across the province to newspapers and radio stations, including
extensive coverage of the Woodstock tornado and turmoil in the Ontario tobacco industry.
g) Brantford Expositor, Summer Internships, 1976 and 1977
? Wrote daily news stories for the newspaper and the Canadian Press news wire service.
? Produced a special section focussing on the county?s diverse multicultural mosaic.
? Royal visits by Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
? Canadian visit by the Agha Khan.
? Every federal and Ontario election between 1980 and 2003.
? Free Trade debate and introduction.
? Hagersville Tire Fire.
? Paul Bernardo search, arrest and court appearances.
? High profile murder trials, including Ontario Glove killer Patrick Dombrowski.
? Rising influence of Ontario biker gangs.
? Challenges in Ontario?s wine, steel, tobacco, tourism and farm machinery sectors.
? Walkerton Water Crisis.
? Great Lakes water quality, shipping, fisheries, and lake levels.
? Native issues, including sovereignty, land claims, blockades, cigarette smuggling, on-reserve
gaming, language preservation, and the perpetuation of native art.
? Jacques Cousteau, underwater explorer
? Sir Edmund Hillary, first climber to reach the summit of Mt. Everest
? Roberta Bondar, astronaut
? Lech Walesa, Polish activist and President
? Celine Dion, John McDermott, and Carol Pope, singers
? Walter Ostinak, Grammy award winning accordian player
? Richard Harris and Dudley Moore, actors
? Peter Bogdonovic, film director
? James Hillier, inventor of the electron microscope
? Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winning scientist
? David Suzuki, enviromentalist
? Paul Watson, radical environmentalist and Captain of the Sea Shepherd
? Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner, Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney, Jean
Chretien, Paul Martin, and Stephen Harper
? Opposition Leaders Ed Broadbent, Stephan Dion, and Jack Layton
? Ontario Premiers Bill Davis, Frank Miller, David Peterson, Bob Rae, Mike Harris, and Dalton
? First nation leaders Ovide Mercredie, Phil Fontaine and Roberta Jamieson
? G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate conspirator
? Abbie Hoffman, American radical and founder of the Yippie movement
? Helen Caldicott, international anti-nuclear activist
? Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda
? Jeffery Ayoo, spokesperson for Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony and the Lord?s Resistance Army
? Niagara daredevil Karol Souchek
? Franklin Graham, evangelist (son of Billy Graham)
? Broadcaster Lloyd Robertson
? Numerous athletes including hockey players Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Paul Henderson;
sprinter Ben Johnson; baseball star John Olerud; boxer George Chuvalo, wrestler Rick Flair;
basketball sensations, the Harlem Globetrotters; and cross-Canada marathoners Rick Hansen and
Steve Fonyo.
? Sailing with a Canadian anti-submarine destroyer crew.
? Flying with the Blue Angels aerobatic team.
? Flying in several World War Two fighters and with a Canadian military helicopter crew.
? Hot air ballooning.
? Firefighter training.
? Circus elephant training.
? Snake and reptile handling (pythons and alligators).
? Fishing with a Great Lakes trawler crew.
? Ancient Drums, Modern Dreams (1992), an examination of cultural tension among first nations
people living off-reserve.
? The Sinking of the Captain K (1993), an investigation into the sinking of a Lake Erie fishing boat
by a Coast Guard cutter
? After Rwanda (1994), a followup to the Rwandan genocide focussing on east Africans trying to
rebuild the country with help from Canadians. Won silver in the Best Documentary national
competition sponsored by the Radio and Television News Directors? Association (RTNDA).
? The Battle Of the Atlantic (1995), the story of a Canadian-American dispute over a sunken
steamboat at the bottom of Lake Erie. Won the RTNDA award for Best Documentary in
Central Canada.
? Songs of the Grass (2000), profiles of ordinary Ugandans taking extraordinary measures to deal
with challenges like civil war, HIV/AIDS, and Kampala street children with addictions.
? Carrying the Elephant (2001), a look at the exploitation of peasant farmers in east Africa and
efforts to improve the economic situation through development and organic practices.
? Bending Spears (2007), a documenting of Uganda?s peace deal after 20 years of civil war and the
social reintegration of child soldiers into the same villages where they maimed and murdered.
? Researched and wrote Money and Making It On Your Own, a provincially funded book designed to
help women who?ve left abusive situations achieve personal and economic independence (2009).
Distributed through professional counselling services, this book has been specifically modified in
several jurisdictions to meet local needs.
? Moderator, panel on ?Faith and Social Justice,? Veritas Symposium, Wilfrid Laurier University,
October 2013.
? Fellow, The Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa, Wilfrid Laurier University, Sept.
2005 ? Present.
? Member, Child Trafficking and Labour Project on West Africa, Tshepo Institute.
? Invited to lecture for prospective students and parents, WLU, 2013 and 2012.
? Moderator/Chair, Annual General Meeting, Tshepo Institute, 2012.
? Member of the Canadian Association of Journalists.
? Developed four undergraduate courses in Journalism and Contemporary Studies encompassing
media in a global context, social implications of media, reporting on government and the
courts, and a mentoring program for graduating journalism students.
? Chair, Visioning Committee, CKCO-TV, responsible for working with senior management and union
leaders to cast a vision for the affiliate and enhance employee decision-making structures.
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2013
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2012 x2
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2011
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2010
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2009
? Dean?s Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2006
? Nominated for TVO?s ?Ontario?s Best Lecturer? competition, 2012
? Nominated for TVO?s ?Ontario?s Best Lecturer? competition, 2010
? Speaker, Distinguished Faculty Series, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2007
? Nominated ?Professor of the Year?, Laurier Brantford, WLU, 2003
? Married to investigative journalist Susan Gamble for 35 years. No children
? Interests include travel, videography, snorkelling and long distance running.


Journalist Interview