For this assignment, you are going to evaluate your critical listening skills by watching and listening to a Films on Demand video entitled: Persuasive Speech: Diapers Pollute! on the link above (video number 8 is about 7 minutes long)

You will then type and submit a one-page, double-spaced, 12-point font reflection based on the questions asked below:

Identify what the speaker is asking the listeners to do or believe.
Evaluate the evidence presented by determining if the speaker has quality sources to back-up claims? Do you find the evidence accurate? Does the speaker cite references for the evidence? Does the speaker use emotional appeals that are effective or do they stretch the truth?
Are you able to listen without bias, why or why not?
Are you distracted by the speakers delivery style in a positive or negative way? Does the distraction jeopardize your listening effectiveness?


Listening Analysis