Literature Review Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches
Utilizing the Park University Library Online Journal Database (, identify and select peer reviewed journal articles that relate as closely as possible to your research proposal topic. Then, based on your search results, write one quantitative abstract and one qualitative abstract of two research studies found in your search. Use the Creswell (Chapter 2) guidelines for the elements needed in the two literature abstracts.
1- This is a book (Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches 4th Edition (2014) by John W. Creswell) also I attached PowerPoint about chapter 2.
2- This is username: 614608 and password: Ramy1404 to enter the library.
3- My topic about (the impact of environmental factors on the economy in Saudi Arabia)
4- You should write in advanced grammar.
5- These are what you are written before
A- (I plan on conducting a study on the impact of environmental factors on the economy. Using the qualitative approach, my topic might be studied by exploring perceptions of people who are knowledgeable about the topic. I can conduct interviews in this case. I can also explore my topic through examining literature reviews. As regards the quantitative approach, I can research on my topic by conducting a correlational study, using various data, to determine how environmental factors can impact the economy. By understanding and interpreting the numbers of facts involved, I might be able to recognize patterns and trends in my data. Lastly, using the mixed methods approach, I can combine the qualitative and quantitative approaches in order to arrive at more practical and comprehensible results. I can do literature review and, at the same time, a correlational study)
B-(I am interested in studying how our economy works by looking at the environment where it exists. Studying how environmental factors impact our economy is important because it will help in determining what in our environment helps in attaining a thriving economy. For this paper, I intend to use the title ?The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Economy.?
After I conducted a database search for peer reviewed journal articles on my topic, I came up with articles about environmental economics, socio-economic impact analysis, environmental factors and their impact to the future world, and articles about environmental factors and how they affect the business. I modified my search terms by using key words and taking away unnecessary terms. I believe that google can be very helpful in the process because it populates relevant articles about my topic).




Literature Review Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches