Management Checklist/Script
Paper instructions:
Management/Project 1/New Manager Script
This would be a creation of something that does not

truly exist. All management positions are unique but adhere

to a similar theme. What I would ask is for you to develop a

checklist that would help itemize what you think you need to

be aware of prior to entering a management job. An

overview that would help you prioritize your daily tasks.

Again, no management job has a script, just a job

description. Job descriptions key on major points but fail to

cover ALL.

It may not be possible to cover ALL points of a

management position, I am just asking for you to come up

with something more than a generic job description.

This could be for any management type role, but keep

in mind the responsibilities associated with supervision that

we have covered so far in this course. I would ask that you

support your checklist with a minimum of one, double

spaced page with arial or times new roman 12 point font,

please include the course title, instructor, your name,

assignment title, date, and note resources used.

First page should be the checklist or script, second page should be the supporting information for each point covered (can be more than one page if desired or needed), and the last page should be the resources used that are documented in proper APA format.




Management Checklist/Script