Managing Human Capital

Paper instructions:
Description of Assessment Requirements

The factors influencing the formation of the organization and the ways in which it treats its employees (at all levels) are in continuous development (Collins, Ch. 3 in Beardwell J (2010)).

You are asked to provide a ‘review’ (ESSAY) of this debate which should include alternatives perspectives on how the organization should organize and treat its employees.

This should include the following:

• ABSTRACT (10 marks) (250 words)
This should include a brief statement of the objectives and findings. You may state what aspects have been omitted.

• INTRODUCTION (10 Marks) (400 words)
Thus should include the objectives of the work and the principle research methods.


This essay should consider the following issues:
o The traditional approach to organising the workforce (at all levels) was influenced by a number of Socio-Economic, Technical and Politicalissues. Identify and Appraise at least two of these issues (15 marks) (900 words)

o These forces develop/change over time, and responses to these changes have differed between Regions (China, India EU et al). There have also been differently responses in National Industrial/Commercial sectors (e.g. NHS and Public services in UK, Nationalised Energy firms in France et al). Identify and appraise at least two of these issues. (15 marks) (900 words)
o The European Commission have recently issued directives concerned with the ‘Liberalisation’ of the European Community.(echoing the WTO’s failing(d) Dhoa round of talks) Identify and appraise at least two of the reasons for these directives ( !5 Marks) (900 words)
o What features of the employment contract would you advise your next employer to include in your next contract? (15 Marks) (900 words)


• Summary/Conclusion (10 marks) (500 words)
A conclusion should respond to the statements made in the introduction


Managing Human Capital